El Cuélebre

El Cuélebre

Spanish immersion programs (Asturias, Northern Spain)


 Spanish immersion program in Spain

The basic idea of our project is to immerse our students as perfectly as possible in the Spanish language and the culture of Spain. Linguistic and cultural immersion is the most efficient and quickest method for acquiring a second language, and with us this is guaranteed: our students not only study Spanish from a formal point of view, but also live and share with us the activities of daily life: meals, cooking, conversations, excursions and walks, sightseeing tours inside and outside Somiedo, etc.

Jimena con Geneviève (de Francia)
Jennifer (de EEUU), en su habitación
Alfredo con Simon (de Inglaterra)
Jimena con Wido (de Suiza)
Alfredo desayunando con Cristen (de EEUU)
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Flexibility: tell us what you need, we adapt everything for you.

Our courses are essentially what our students want them to be. Thanks to their exclusive nature (we are two professional teachers and our students are one, two or three people maximum) we can adapt almost everything to the tastes and needs of each person: timetables, formal classes, indoor and outdoor activities, etc. Some people like walking and can walk a lot, others a bit less; some people want more formal classes, others less; some like to cook a lot, others not so much, etc. Within certain reasonable limits, everything is fine for us. This means that our courses are ideal for anyone between 18 and 118 years old looking for a Spanish immersion program in Spain.

Formal classes and activities: all in one.

In El Cuélebre everything is a class, and everything is activities. The process of learning the language and carrying out leisure activities are all in one. With El Cuélebre every opportunity is good to learn Spanish, and to enjoy: the walks, the meals, the after-dinner conversations, the landscapes, the pure air, and of course also the formal classes, which we try to make as pleasant, practical and effective as possible.

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